The journal pulls out the “title” of a billion dollar for Kylie Jenner and her answers!

According to Forbes, the manager would have presented the false documents to prove that the size of the property. But, oh!

There is a little more than a year, the magazine Forbes it disclosed the information that Kylie Jenner, was becoming a billion dollar the most youthful in the worldreminds? Well… it Seems that the story has a few twists and turns. In the publication, turned back, and took the “title” of the business.

kylie-jenner Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner (Instagram/Playback)

On Friday (29/5), the magazine released an article stating that Kylie and mother, Kris, lying on the earnings of the it-girl at the time – including by introducing documents that are supposedly false. Nice! In accordance with the subject matter, and a review of events following the sale of 51% of the Case with Cosmetics, to the group of beauty, Coty, in November of last year.

From the transaction, some of the documents were made public, and it was there in the vehicle, claimed to have noticed the discrepancy. “The records of the Responsible and showed that the company generated$ 125 million in sales in 2018, for example, despite the fact that the family Effects have led to the Forbes believing that it had raised US$ 360 million,” he said in the text. Something similar would have been the Case with the Skin, which was launched in may, according to the representatives of the business, the business would have charged US$ 100 million in the first month and a half. The new records, however, show that the bullet will end 2019 with$ 25 million in sales.

kylie-jenner-americas Notice that Kylie Jenner had become a billion dollar

The announcement that Kylie Jenner had become a billion dollar (Instagram/Playback)

“Even though we are not able to prove that the documents [apresentados por Jenner anteriormente] they are fake (even though it is likely), it’s clear that the team Has, is lying to you,” he said in the car. In accordance with the subject matter, and the difference is very large, which makes it all the more obvious is the possibility that the data provided to you in the beginning not to be true.

Today, therefore, is the property of the young, it would be a little less than US$ 900 million (around R$ 4.8 billion)including the value it gained from the sale of part of its business. Well, still rich, right?

Kylie’s responded to the article with some of your posts on Twitter. “I thought this was a reputable site… All I see are a series of statements to be inaccurate and unwarranted assumptions (laughter). I have never asked for any security or tried to lie to get it,” he wrote in one of them.

She was indignant with the statement that it had submitted false documents. And he said, “I have been blessed, over the years, and I’ve got a lovely daughter, a successful business and I’m doing quite well.”

“I can make a list of the 100 most important things right now than to talk about how much money I have,” he said.

The The Postthe lawyer in the Case, Michael Kump, said that it is going to demand a retraction of the publication. Matt Hutchison, director of communications for the Forbesit issued a statement on the matter: “The research is widely disseminated today, that was sparked by a recent document that showed discrepancies in manifest information provided privately to the journalists, and the information provided publicly by the shareholders ‘ meeting. Our reporters have discovered, the misrepresentations, and they spent months perfecting their acts. We encourage people to advocate the re-reading of the article.”

The controversy in the world.