The Tenet is set in the same universe as that of The Source?

Two of the trailers, then, and Tenetthe next release of the director’s Christopher Nolanfollows is shrouded in mystery. In addition to featuring a pair of players, living, for John David Washington and Robert Pattinsonyou know what, the plot involves the manipulation of the weather, no matter what it means – apparently it is a technique of reversal, as if you were rewinding is something that not even happened yet, but who knows, really?

This level of secrecy has been featured in another production of the popular Nolan, The Origin Of. Directed by Leonardo diCapriolife he followed the thief-expert in extracting information from the unconscious of the people.

Is that some ideas are so specific they could be connected? Here are 9 things which can be done to prove this theory: