Viola Davis and Sandra Bullock join the cast of the new thriller in the Series · News on the TV


The actresses the award-winning Sandra Bullock, and Viola Davis, will be the protagonists of a new feature-length thriller in the Series. According to Variety, the film, as yet untitled, is in development in Vancouver, Canada, and includes the likes of Jon Bernthal (The Punisher), and Vincent D’onofrio (Daredevil).

Based on a series of british Unforgiven (2009), the drama follows Ruth Slater, who will be that experienced by Sandra Bullock, a woman released from prison after serving a sentence for a crime of violence. When you return to the society, and realizes that he is judged by everyone around you, even people close to you choose not to forgive you of your past. Ruth’s part in the search for her sister who she was forced to leave behind.

The movie will mark the second between Sandra and the streaming platform, following the successful thriller Bird Box (by 2018). The stunning actress has already won an academy award and a Golden Globe award for his role in A Dream come true (2009).

The cast will feature, with Rob Morgan, who has participated in several productions for the Series, including Mudbound (2017), Stranger Things, the first episode of the series (2016-2018).

The guitar, currently on-air on TV in the final season of ” How to Get Away with Murder, he is also cast in a starring role Troop a Zero, on Amazon, the sequence of the Squadron’s Bombers (in 2016), and an adaptation of a play for the theater of August Wilson, which was produced by Denzel Washington. She also takes on the role of the first lady Michelle Obama in a series of the First Ladies, the channel is Showtime’s.

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The actress is the proud owner of an Oscar and a Bafta for the long-extent to which We (by 2016), and an Emmy award for ” How To Get Away With Murder.

The full-length film, the giant of streaming, it will be directed by the German filmmaker Nora Fingscheidt (the Systemsprenger), and does not yet have a date for the premiere.