Vixe, is it?! Fans will point to the indirect to Kylie Jenner on new album from Travis Scott and get details!


For the life of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, for many years there has been an open book, and it seems that even the people closest to him have learned to share a little bit of your privacy with the world. On their new album, the rapper’s Travis Scott, could have done with a little exclamation on the end, with Kylie Jenner.

Launched on Friday (27), from the album “Jackboys” features the song “John” by many of fans of the performer, refers to the separation of the mother from her daughter Stormi. One of the sections of the composition, he says: “Stay away from her, she wants to lie down and sleep. I took a chance and it’s too much to risk it”.

For these people, the word “sleep” would mean that it Has elected to maintain a stable life in California, where their first, and runs his empire from that of the products of the make-up. Already, Travis Scott, goes on tour all over the world, spending months away from home, with no routine in my life is fixed.

So far, none of them has commented on the speculation. The fact is, they make for a great get-together after the end of the relationship for two years. The business has come to release the disc from the ex-in the stories on your Instagram and they’ve been together for the holidays at the party hosted by Kourtney Kardashian. “Has she invited Him in and he made it clear that you really, really wanted it to Stormi saw his mom and dad together to celebrate the holiday season. I was excited that Travis has done the work. He is also a part of the family”revealed a source to E! News.