Walt Disney-you can set which one is the princess and only for them.


Do you even know anything about the princesses Disney or are you just bluffing?! After I tell you about some of the interesting facts about them, and to throw down a challenge to you to figure out who said a certain sentence, then the Purebreak it has a test in special you waiting for. Will you be able to figure out which one is the princess, just from the description?! For the time has come to remove the sleeves from the shirt, put the memory in to the game and to prove to all your skills by clicking the quiz below!


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Disney princesses-and 19 fun facts you didn't know about...

The Live-action “Mulan” is the date of the premiere

The live-action movie of “theMulan“it was, without a doubt, one of the first appearances are important in the year 2020. However, with the pandemic of the coronavirus, and the banning of a movie theater, various productions and releases have been discontinued. Recently, Disney has released a provisional calendar with the new dates, including the story of a warrior princess, and other titles, such as “The Black Widow“and -“Captain Marvel 2“.

With all the changes, “Mulan” has a premiere date for the 24th of July. But keep in mind that this and the other dates are disclosed and may still be subject to change. Check it out below.

“Soul” – June 19th, 2020

“The Black widow – on November 6, 2020

“The Free Guy” – December 11th, 2020

“West Side Story” – December 18th, 2020

“The Last Duel” – December 25th, 2020

“Shang-Chi, and the Legend of the Ten Rings” – may 7, 2021

“The Jungle Cruise” – on July 20, 2021

“Doctor Strange” and 2 ” – on November 5, 2021

“Black panther” and 2 ” – may 6, 2022

“Captain Marvel” and 2 ” – July 8, 2022

“Indiana Jones 5” – July 29, 2022

The message that you know that you keep on – (a) in the Purebreak, that any news we will get the account!