Why are the eyes of Henry Cavill, are black in The Witcher? Here’s the real reason


In The Witcher, Henry Cavill becomes the sorcerer Geralt of Rívia. The character is based on the books and the video games that inspired the series in the Series.

A lot have praised it quite a lot, for the 1st season and Henry Cavill presented with a visually faithful to the original than Geralt. In addition to the well-known armour, and a sword, and the actor, known for Superman came out with the long white hair of the wizard.

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There is, however, a mystery for many fans, the first appearance of Geralt. The character, Henry Cavill begins with a series of struggling against the Kikimore.

In this battle, shocking, Geralt appears in all eyes to be black. However, in other episodes, the fight with the other monsters, the main character of the Witcher is not present in the visual display.

In the series, you may not have recognized the transformation, but it is the stuff of video games, and the books ends with the mystery of the Witcher in the Series.

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In addition to the black eyes, the look of Geralt seemed to be the most aggressive. What is happening is that the character, Henry Cavill, was struggling under the effects of the potion.

In video games, and books, the different powders are presented. Geralt can choose either one as you need it – to win, for the time being, various powers and feelings.

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Because of the transformation they go to become wizards and witches, these characters can take the potion at all. Meanwhile, a human would have died trying to make this kind of “medicine”.

In the plot, in question, in the eyes of Geralt, are black, because the pupils of it dilataram completely. So that he can see better in the dark, and that combined with the setting of the opening scene.

With the expansion of the universe of the Witcher in the 2nd season, it may be that this point will be further explored.

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“The mutant, Geralt of Rívia is a monster hunter who struggles to find his place in a world where people are often the most evil of the creatures of the wild,” says the blurb.

The cast has yet Anya Chalotra, and Freya, five members of the.

The Witcher has the 1st season available on Netflix. The series is renewed for a 2nd year, is still without a premiere date.