WITHOUT – The-rules “for the birds”, which leads to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as to threaten a former safety with the millionaire


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have threatened to take legal action for up to 9 million euros, as compared to former left-back, according to them, they have violated the non-disclosure agreement that you signed, talking about some of the rules border on the ridiculous” to the couple in an interview on a podcast.

Steve Stanulis had signed the agreement, which did not allow him to disclose any information, personal or professional, about Kanye west’s and Kim in February of 2016, according to the couple, the way you made the statements “wrong and defamatory” in an interview to the Hollywood a-Raw Podcast.

Giving an example of the rules “for the birds” in the West whom he calls the “ill-tempered”, and “poor”, the guard explained that the song was obliged to walk ten paces behind you on the street and that I was angry when you kept the enemies in the fotografassem.

Denying the allegations, the attorney Stanulis argues: “if Kanye and Kim want to go with this is right there with them, but I think that all the time, and the money would be better spent on matters more pressing that affects our society.