Angel! Taylor Swift surprises fan by paying her debts with the school

Taylor Swift continue to send as much support to his fans and, during the quarantine of the deadly pandemic, the COVID-19. The singer has tried to help those who are struggling financially during the economic crisis.

At the beginning of the month, Taylor was surprised Jess Buslewiczof Connecticut at a cost of$ 3.000. The fan had to leave the school due to a pandemic, causing her to lose her two jobs.

I have an account on Tumblr, it’s been six years, and I think that Taylor Swift is following,” said Jeff in an interview. “I was no longer on campus, so I couldn’t do my job, that I was going to be a nanny and tour guide,” he lamented.

“Basically, I just post it [no Tumblr] I was very excited about the times to come, and she, luckily, saw it,” she said, Jess. “One day, I was sitting on the couch, and I got a notice from PayPal that she had$ 3,000 in my account!!!”, he said.

In addition, Jeff has also revealed that Taylor came into contact with it, in 2018: “as Long as she followed my Tumblr blog, and she also saw it in one of my blog posts. As for me and my sister were going to be on the hook Tour [no Gillette Stadium] and his team came up to me and said that she would like to get to know me before the show because I am a huge fan for a very long time.”, he remembered her excited.

We can conclude that: the Taylor Swift is the most precious thing in this world!!!

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