Apple buys new movie from Martin Scorsese

Killers-of-the-Flower-Moon-Apple buys new movie from Martin Scorsese starring Leonardo DiCaprio

After a standoff, and the threat of engavetado due to lack of budget, the adjustment of the Killers of The Flower Moon it will come out in the paper. In accordance with the Deadlinethe Apple if it has, the company is responsible for the production of a new film Martin Scorsesethat’s going to be driven by the Leonardo DiCaprio and it also has a Robert De Niro.

According to the publication, the Paramount picturesstudio originally responsible for the film, it still plans to distribute the film in the theaters. Already Applein addition to financing, the major part of the project, it will also be the creative studio of the film. At the end of the window’s display on the big screen, the project will go to the streaming AppleTV+. The parties are still finalizing the details of the agreement.

In April, it was reported that With I was once again looking for a service streaming in order to finance the project, keeping in view the success of the Youit made the Netflix The 10 nominations for the academy award for the year 2020.

Initially, the officer tried to get the money by traditional means, with the Paramount pictures. However, after the budget for the film to exceed the mark of U.S. $ 200 million, the studio gave up on it initially to pay for the adjustment, and returning now to this project.

Killers of the Flower Moon it is based on the book of the same name by David Grannthat tells the true story of the horrific murder of the native indians of the tribe of Osage, Oklahoma in the 1920’s, because they live on land, a land rich in oil.

The case has been mishandled by one of the rising The FBIled by a young man J. Edgar Hooverand it is also described as one of the most hair-raising conspiracies in the history of the united states.

Eric Roth (For the Curious Case of Benjamin Button) is the one responsible for the script. The film is produced by the Imperative Entertainmentof Dan Friedkin and Bradley Thomaswho were the people responsible for the purchase of the rights to the book, and that brought the project to the attention of the With.

Killers of the Flower Moon is expected to debut in 2021, but due to other projects DiCaprio and Applelife can also be extended to the year 2022.

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