#BlackLivesMatter: Ariana Grande, the Halsey, and the famous ones hit the streets


The death of the George Floydwho is the victim of police brutality and racism in the United States this week, it’s the cause of commotion and protest in the whole country. In the course of the past few days, celebrities added their voices to the demands of the community, the black american who seeks justice on behalf of George, his family and the other victims of the brutality of the racist in the territory of the united states.

In addition to the petitions on-line, and the crowdfundings, which raise money to support the court, the families of the victims, a few artists have joined the protests in the streets on Saturday.

Lauren Jauregui, Ariana Grande and Halseywho have been vocally participating in the movement #BlackLivesMatters, since the beginning of the week, took to the streets in Miami and Los Angeles.

Melanie Martinez, Ross Lynch and Madison Beer also, they were on the streets. As well as Halsey, the artists, published in social networks reports of the savagery of the police act.

The singer pointed out that, contrary to what was circulated in the networks, has not been arrested, but has helped to protect the protesters, immigrants, and asked to help free the individuals who had been arrested at a protest.

Other artists who have joined the protests to show support of the black community have been Noah Urrea the Now, The United, His Pancow ‘theThe Outer Banks‘ and a lot more.

The situation is not very different from that we faced in Brazil, where many young black men continue to be killed by those who are supposed to protect the public. In the United States, and in Brazil we will have elections this year and, as you well remember from some of your favorite actors, the changes may also be made at the ballot box.