Blackout Tuesday: the black squares on Instagram in an effort to racial discrimination



If you are signed in Instagram today, it’s very likely to come across one, or many, many more the black squares in your feed.

Both anonymous and celebrities from around the world, began to publish the image as a form of silent protest against racial discrimination. The blog posts are accompanied by hashtags #BlackoutTuesdaywhich in free translation means a “blackout” on Tuesday.

What is the Record for Tuesday

Rihanna, Elton John, Emma Watson, Michael B. Jordan, Anitta, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Compassion, and Regina Casé, Thaila Ayala, Rafael Brites, Sandy, and a number of other celebrities, ceased its social network on this day to bring attention to social injustices that have been going on in the world.

The movement started in the music industry in north america, after radio and tv personalities from the music, to advertise a campaign for The “Show ” Must Be Paused”, which means the show needs to be stopped.

This has been the way in which they met to be placed in relation to the demonstrations which have been made in the United States, to combat racism. The initial spark was the death of a black man by the police in the United States

george floyd in the united states 0520 1400x800
By Adam Berry/Corresponding To/Getty Images

In this case, the former member of the security, George, Floyd, was dead, asphyxiated after a police officer kneeling on his neck, and did not get out of the position, with the man saying that he couldn’t breathe.

In Brazil, many people who have joined the movement, still remembers the death of the children, young people and adults, black people, especially in the favelas in rio de janeiro.

In may, a number of activists have denounced the interruption of the delivery of the board in the favelas (shantytowns) for the account of the exchange of gunfire, and the growth of police violence in the midst of a pandemic of a new coronavirus.

In the case of the most shocking, as a student, an innocent 14 year old was shot dead during a police operation in the Complex in the Willow tree in St. George. Jean-pierre was in the house.


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