Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds give a total of £ 1 of corn to help the protesters

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds give a total of £ 1 of corn to help the protesters

PHOTO: Reproduction / Instagram

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds spoke out about the death of George’s Career, vtima de violncia officer, which has led to a number of protests across the United States. In social media, the couple has announced that it has made a doao generously to help the protesters who have been arrested or beaten up in the streets of the country.

The actors contriburam with a US$ 200,000 (about$ 1 for corn), to the Legal Defense Fund of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, an organization that fights for the justice committee has supported the demonstrators rebuked.

In a publicao on-Instagram, Blake and Ryan wrote a long text about the topic. ‘Ns-we have never had to worry about preparing our children for a different rule of law, and what can happen if the car is stopped. The Ns on the we know how to give this life is the day aps for the day. Can’t imagine feeling that kind of fear, or anger. We are ashamed to have, in the past, we have allowed to be misinformed about, such as racism, sistmico the est deep-seated’, he wrote to the married couple.

In other words, the actors said, ‘We’ve been trying to teach our children differently to how our parents taught us. Ns: we want to educate and raise awareness of the experiences of the people, and to talk with our kids about everything, all of it… Especially in regards to our own complicity. Ns: we talked about our bias, the blindness, and our own mistakes. Ns: we looked at three, and we see so many of the mistakes that have led us to examine deeply who we are and who we want to be. They have a huge ways to the student’.

‘Ns-we’re committed to raising our children so that they can never cresam feeding on this world’s insane, and, therefore, in faro, it is possible to never inflict pain on another being either consciously or unconsciously. the less than what we can do to honor only George’s Career, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Eric Garner, but all those black men and women who were killed when the camera’s on-was on,’ added the report.

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