Camila Cabello posed the teaser and the release date for the clip, My-Oh-My

Camila Cabello has finally announced the release date for the clip, My Oh My, in addition, also published a sneak preview of the new story. The production comes in on Wednesday morning, according to the schedule released by the singer, about 17 hours here in Brazil.

In the pictures, it appears that the hair is missing and the costume of the season, that remind us of the Golden Era of Hollywood, mostly for the concept of a black-and-white.

A few days ago, she was given the wings of the clip, and it seems that it will follow a line to, well hollywood in the 50’s. Click, Cabello appears to carecterizada as a variety of characters.

The track that promotes the latest album of Camila Cabello, and the entitled, a Novel that has been released in the last year. So far, the work has had on the singles, Shameless and a Liar.