Camila Cabello talks about her fight for mental health

Camila Cabello told recently in an essay for the Wall Street journal, on mental health, compared to the first quarter of your Health, Mental well-being. She’s 23 years old, he wrote, detailing her struggles and battle with OCD – Obsessive Compulsive disorder (ocd), and anxiety disorders.

“If you look at the photo I posted on Instagram in the past year, you will find photos of my writing studio, the pictures in the aisle with clothes before taking to the stage to introduce me, photos of me, aconchegando with my dog, for his contribution on the couch, and pictures of me bursting with excitement to sing my songs,” he started saying.

“But here is what I don’t I don’t I’ve posted pictures in the past year: me crying in the car talking to my mom about how much anxiety and how many of the symptoms of OCD I was dealing with. My mother and I were in a hotel room by reading the books on the TOC, because I was desperate for a breath of fresh air. I have experienced what seemed to be an anxiety, a constant, unwavering, and relentless, which made everyday life a painful hard,” he said.

“I didn’t want to tell you that I was going for the exact same reason that so many of us, we don’t want to talk to you about how it is to be at war with our minds and with our bodies. I was so ashamed,” she said.

“For a couple of months, I felt like I was messy, My anxiety manifested itself in the form of a disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd). In the TOC it is not, as it is in stereotypes such as, ‘She is so OCD about the organization of your desk, etc.’ OCD can take many different forms, and for me, it was the obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors,” she said She was.

“To put it simply, it made me feel as if my mind was nailing a piece of cruel to me. It also affected me physically. I was not able to sleep for a very long time, I’ve had a node-a constant in the throat, chronic headaches, and my body was going through, which seemed to be quite a roller-coaster all day. I kept going and I kept showing up, never letting those around me know just how much I was struggling. But you’ve probably sensed my distance to some degree. All of my loved ones to have done so”, he justified, he pontualizando that is all due to the treatment, and to seek help.

Today, the singer seems happy and relaxed, moving to a quarantine at the hand of her boyfriend by Shawn Mendes.


Back in march, when the pandemic was becoming more severe in the United States, Camila Cabello have used Instagram to give advice to the fans and to practice meditation. According to her, the exercise has changed her life after she has passed through a severe crisis of anxiety.

“It’s important to practice compassion and to help those who are suffering. We’re in this together, no one can be indifferent to those who are at risk. It is our responsibility to do whatever we can to keep everyone safe. To have empathy, and it turned out to be the fact of the make a difference during difficult times like this. “We can’t afford to think that we won’t be affected because we are young and healthy. We are parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors, and we don’t want to be a part of the problem is, when you can be a part of the solution.”

She also said, “meditation has changed my life for the past few months. I have shared this with you at the time because, to be honest, I was just trying to be as good, but it was with a feeling of severe anxiety. It was a meditation I was practicing every day, multiple times a day, which for me was more than just me to help them to manage strong emotions, such as anxiety and stress, and that is by becoming a better human. Not only does it helps in situations such as this, stress and anxiety, meditation is a practice to strengthen habits such as empathy, love, and compassion that will make you feel more connected not only to everyone around them, but living beings in general, such as animals, plants, the earth, and that it is a living thing in and of itself.”

Cabello made a plea: “I would Like you to spend 10 minutes out of your day today to look for a meditation for loving-kindness in the Calm or in the YouTube video. Or just follow these directions: just close your eyes and sit with your spine straight and you feel the gravity, grounding your body to the surface of the earth and support him. Take three deep breaths and begin to notice the natural flow of the breath. Be aware of breathing in, exhaling. After each and every inhale and exhale, with your attention to it. Once your mind is calm. Imagine all the human beings in the world, the elderly, people with respiratory problems such as and vulnerable, think of the vulnerable people, think of your families, and tell them That you are healthy. For you to be safe and secure. You are free of the disease. You can get as well. Rinse and repeat, until you feel truly in your heart, I love you, please, please, please, be safe!”.