Chico Mendes and his legacy in the fight for the preservation of the Amazon rain forest

According to the annual report of the Global Witnesspublished in 2019, the united states, it is the fourth-largest, killed environmental activists, with about 20 of the victims in the year 2018. In the third place is India with 23, second in Colombia, with 24 in the first place, you are in the Philippines, with 30 deaths.

“This is a phenomenon that can be seen in all parts of the world. The defenders of the environment and of the earth, of which a significant number of representatives of indigenous peoples, are considered to be terrorists, criminals, or the criminals for fighting for their rights”, decries Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, rapporteur of the special rights on the rights of the indigenous peoples of the United Nations (UN).

This is a situation that has also hit Francisco Alves Mendes Filho better known as Chico Mendes, a rubber tapper, unionist and environmental activist brazil, assassinated in 1988, and who died in the defence of the ideal of the preservation of the Amazon rain forest.

Born in Xapuri, state of Acre, Chico’s, created in the late 70’s, while in office, and the office of the secretary-general of the Union of Rural Workers of Brasiléia, the “tie-breakers” when the whole community joined in to make the barriers to one’s own body in the areas that are threatened of the destruction by the locksmiths, and the farmers and prevent deforestation.

At the same time as Chico, he began his political career as a councillor at the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), and in 1982 he ran for a federal deputy by the Partido dos trabalhadores (PT), but there he was. In 1985, he led the First National Meeting of rubber Tappers, which led to the proposal of the “Union of the Peoples of the Forest”, a document calling for the union of the indigenous peoples, rubber-tappers and the rural worker.

With this, the activist has gained an international importance, and, in 1987, gave a speech at the meeting of the inter-American Development bank (IDB), that took place in Miami, United States of america. At the time, Francisco has denounced the destruction of the rainforest, and called for a halt to the funding of the construction of the BR – 364 highway, which would be in the state of Rondônia and Acre, and in the same year, he also received, in Xapuri, a commission of the Organization of the United Nations (UN) to acknowledge that what Chico was saying was the truth. After two months, the bank has decided to discontinue the funding of highway, and called for the the brazilian government is a study of the environmental impact in the region. In addition, he has received a request from the united nations Global 500 Award, from the Preservation of the environment, and is a member of the Environment, a Better World, ” he says.

“This was the matrix, ideological, formed by the trade union movement for the defence of human rights, and respect for the forest that marked the identity of the Chico Mendes as a political leader, and it has its location and has earned the respect of the international claims The Memorial To Chico Mendes, created on July 12, 1996, by the National Council of rubber Tappers (CNS).

‘The film ‘Chico Mendes: I want to Live”, directed by Adrian Cowell, and Vicente Rios.

According to the journalist Zuenir Ventura in his book “Chico Mendes, crime and punishment,” was released in 2003, Chico’s has developed a tactical peaceful means of resistance in order to defend the forest, but whatever the case, his job was the reason for the revolt on the part of farmers, who threatened to death. This situation has escalated in 1988, when he was in the creation of the extractive reserves and in the land of the rancher Darly Alves, was inappropriate.

“These are areas of land that are protected and whose purpose is to protect the means of life and the culture of the indigenous people, as well as to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources in the area. The livelihood of these people is based on the key, so as to complement, in the subsistence agriculture and in the breeding of small animals,” he says of the socio-Environmental Institute (ISA).

The death threats continued, and activists denounced it and asked for the protection of the authorities, but this did not take place. On the 22nd of December, Chico Mendes was murdered at the behest of, Darly. Just the fact that had an impact on the brazilian and international press, and two years later, the criminals were sentenced by the courts.

The memorial is the main legacy of Chico, are in the extractive reserves were created in the 1990’s, it was a dream, and Chico and this is the first effort to unite for the protection of the environment and social justice, which came to be known as the sustainable development of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, Rio 92.

According to the National registry of protected areas (CNUC), no later than July of 2015, with Brazil, had 90 bookings in the extractive industries in the country, with 62 of the federal and 28 state governments. An example of which is the Chico Mendes Extractive Reserve, an area of the 970.570 acres, located in the brazilian state of Acre.

The ‘Person of the Year’ by 2019 at the latest

Recently, another activist, has won the world by promoting the ideals, the 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who was elected in 2019 as the “Person of the Year” by Time magazine.

From 2018 But, an activist in the climate, has attracted the attention of the world media. In August of the same year, she went by herself to the front of the building, which is home to Sweden’s parliament, carrying a banner that read “on Strike at school because of the weather,” and pamphlets, and scientific data on the the warming of the planet. Already in 2019 at the latest, But it was accompanied by some of the 1.5 million students who took to the streets around the world in a march to historic due to its climate, known as the #schoolstrike4climate.

In August of the same one, Actually gave a speech at a Summit of the UN Climate and is considered to be one of the main leaders of the resistance movement against the climate crisis. In this way, the newspaper El pais named him as the “Generation, But” teenagers and young adults concerned with the future of the planet, and that may be a hope that the predictions of most concern to global warming can be reversed.

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“Hello again, World Leaders. Last year, we were marching in the streets of the world has been reporting to the climate emergency. We have listened to promises of a better world and a sustainable society. Now, we came back to talk with you. Manaus is the capital of the Brazilian Amazonas state, and, along with the Belem do Pará, brazil, it is the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Manaus is an almost remote area in the national map in Brazil. Its, the health system collapsed, and we are not even at the peak of the pandemic. The Town Hall has announced over 100 deaths per day-due-to-Covid-19, and this number can be higher with the non-notified cases. The public authorities-in-the-heart-of-the-Amazon-Rainforest) are asking for help, we ask of the developed countries with already recovered the health system, please, have mercy, and help us avoid the mass death of the Amazon’s population. Manaus is asking for medical equipment’s, qualified people, volunteers, and attention. The as everyone knows, the climate emergency is our generation”s biggest challenge. It is a path of no return, that leads to the extinction of the society in all the countries, all continents. The high-death-rate-of-the-Amazon-people-in-the-traditional class in a regular school, will be a loss as well, with global consequences. More than ever, deforestation is growing in the Amazon, which will soon reach the point of no return. The video was edited by Rachel (@tatywainer) #sosamazonia #climatestrikeonline

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Most recently, Greta has recorded a video asking for international aid, in Manaus, against the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and in the defense of the Amazon, after an appeal by the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgilio Neto. The video is part of a campaign by the S. O. S Amazonia, the movement of Fridays Are The Future and the other young activists, including the brazilians, they took part in it.