Demi Lovato-reveals the fact of fun on the song, from the album “Here We Go Again’


We are able to cry, to miss them? In the early morning hours of Wednesday, the 13th, Demi Lovato he used social media to remind you of a fact that fun song on the albumHere We Go Again’ (2009).

On his Instagram Stories, the singer has shared a print by listening to the musicThe ground’the second track on the album, and wrote the following:

“Do you want to know for a fact that movie is this music?”

Then she told me a funny story about the making of the hit song and said the song came about through a joke with his little sister, Madison De La Garza.

“At the age of 16, I took my little sister to talk to “what’s up, bitches?” and then I put on the tape. My producer thought it was hilarious and put it in a song. So, what does it sound like a guitar riff is, in fact, the little Juanita de Desesperate Housewives cursing in my music,” she said.

For those who don’t understand that, and Madison, he worked in the Desesperate Housewivesin 2007, as the “Juanita”.

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