Emma Watson is “canceled,” upon the support of the movement, needs new types of partnerships; understand it!

An active voice in social movements such as feminism and the rights of gay and lesbian people Emma Watson he was the victim of criticism from the followers, from this Tuesday (02), after a publication in support of the initiative “#BlackoutTuesday“sponsored in protest of racism after the death of George the Band, and it was attended by policymakers, record labels, radio and tv companies.

Watson, who is known for playing the character of Hermione in the saga The “Harry Potter”– published on Instagram of three pictures of the black, in support of the motion, but with a white border all the while respecting the aesthetic chosen by the artist with their social network. Very quickly, the fans have started to mention the use of the border, and also to the charge of an actress in a motion to be more serious, asking her to use the platform for something else.

“Please, Emma, tell me about it. There is a whole community by listening to you and paying attention to what you say, you use the huge platform in which you have to help!”said one of the followers. “Don’t be shy about letting you use their platform for a little while longer.”she completed the other user.

On Twitter, fans have been saying that she was being terminated by the edge of the photo. However, according to her, the reason for this has not been for Emma, posting a photo with a white border, but it has been too much for the place, in addition to not posting about the latest events and a link to make a donation, or petition. “It’s a super activist, but it didn’t do anything in your deck to help you out.”said browse.

On Twitter, the fans came out in defense of the artist, as he disagreed with the cancellation, and to discuss on the matter. Check it out: