Exitoína · Selena Gomez: you should present the American Music Awards this year, ” says the journalist


Tiffany Taylor has said that a release is coming up, it means that you should go out to the scene of the event

After the publications the mystery of the Selena Gomez on the afternoon of Tuesday (may 17), which gives hints of a new single from the singer and the journalist Tiffany Taylorthe The Hollywood Reporteradded expectations of the fans of the artist’s work.

This is because she said on her Twitter account that the Better you must be present at the American Music Awards this year with the launch of the vista. The awards ceremony will happen on the next day, the 24th of November.

“If Selena is about to release a new song, does this mean that it will perform at the American Music Awards this year,” he wrote. “Since the performance of the The Heart Wants What It Wants in 2014 to his speech in rio in 2016, she will have a long-standing history of the iconic moments from the American Music Awards. Ok, now I’m even more excited,” he said.

++ And Selena Gomez, mentions the Amazon, Music publishing, mystery, and fans to point to the new a single

The American Music Awards is the only awards ceremony where the singer performed during a hiatus in his music career. She took to the stage for the event in 2017, for a performance of the single Wolvesin partnership with a Marshmello.

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