Halle Berry asks for donations for the store, which was burned down during the protests in the us


Halle Berry’s use of the social networks to defend Ned, Harounian, a store owner who lost her business in the midst of the protests, antirracistas in the United States. In a publication on Twitter, she asked for donations for the lord, the 81-year-old had to trade to plunder.

“An entrepreneur, an immigrant, had his store burned, and the jewels of his wife, recently deceased, taken. Things are crazy right now, but I hope that all of us devote a minute to help this man. If you can donate,” he wrote.

By the time the page was created for the contributions on the GoFundMe has already received more than US$ 29 billion (approximately us$ 151 million) in donations.

The wave of protests in the United States, began after the death of George’s Career. The black man of 40 years old, died on the 25th day of may, after it has been immobilized with a knee to the neck for an approach to violent police in the city of Minneapolis, minnesota, in the u.s. state of Minnesota.