Halsey, shows the police using smoke bombs at demonstrators


More of a personality, which manifested itself in the defence of the movement Black Lives Matter (lives of black women matter, English singer Halsey he has shown it in a video question “who do you protect?” the police, using smoke bombs to disperse the protesters. In one of the videos, she says, “we didn’t do anything, and that they are moving against us– see below:

Halsey also showed pictures of the police protests, which took place in Los Angeles, california, saying that the protesters have been the target of rubber bullets and smoke bombs, even if they have no puncture in the perimeter set by the police to check it out:

They shot rubber bullets at us. Don’t break the circle. A show of hands. [Estávamos] real estate. They used gas and rubber bullets at us.”

On the 25th of may, 2020,,, George Floyd, is already in custody, was choked to death by the officer with his knee, and the murder was filmed by the people around them. The brutality of this action has ignited a wave of protests around the country, and a number of companies in the field of entertainment, rejected the racism shown by the police to find out more.