Henry Cavill-beard and dressing in black in the poster of Snyder’s Cut)


The Justice League Zack Snyder has been confirmed. With this, fans of the DC report, what do you want to see in the movie.

As it turns out, Snyder’s Cut is supposed to bring to the Superman’s famous costume in black. However, the fans want it, and they suggest the most.

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The art of the fan, Mizuri, brought Superman to Henry Cavill with a beard, long hair and a black costume. Check it out below, remembering that the image is not the official version.

The poster for the fan of DC, it is also motivated by the fact that Henry Cavill should be Superman. The actor would be closing a new deal with the studio to make new appearances.

The fans loved it, the tip of Mizuri. In addition to this, remember that this is visual, you can take advantage of the moustache, that Henry Cavill took on the Justice League of america.

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It is worth noting that in 2017, the look of Henry Cavill has been modified in the digital form, and that he was a stranger in a long.

At the time of the debut album, the superstar has come to be seen was the look of a Mission Impossible to: Effect, Fallout, and so he was unable to shave off his moustache.

With the release of Zack Snyder’s the Justice League of america has not yet been fully completed, and currently, we do not know which way it’s going to be a long movie or a miniseries).

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. you will be investing US$ 20 million to$ 30 million in production and post-production, and recording of the new dialogue, in order for the film to be complete for it to be released on the streaming platform, HBO’s Max.

Justice league of america was launched in the fall of 2017, and was marked by the production of loud. Zack Snyder has distanced himself from the film, out in the middle of working through a personal problem, due to the death of one of his daughters, and it turned out only to be replaced by Joss Whedon (The Avengers).

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The film has gone through a lot refilmagens, and the courts, and ended up running away a lot of the vision that Snyder wanted to begin with.

The cast of the Justice League is lead by Henry Cavill (Superman), Ben Affleck (Batman), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Ezra Miller (Flash), Ray Fisher (Cyborg).

The Justice League by Zack Snyder, arrives in 2021) in the HBO’s Max.