JK Simmons revealed that he has a new goal in your career; find out why


JK Simmons on Defending Jacob
JK Simmons is in the Defending Jacob (Movie)

The old-timer JK Simmons it seems to have a new goal in his life to interpret the father of all the actors in the film, the call, Chris. The actor recently starred in Billy Barber and the father of Andy, lived in for Chris Evans and, in Defending Jacob, a-series, produced by the AppleTV+, which had its first episode released on Friday, the 29th of may.

In an interview for PeopleTV, the actor has said that he wants to talk with Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth’s about it. On Chris Pratt, and he said that you don’t need to since they already played the ” father of heart-throb in The Tomorrow’s War.

“My plan right now is to interpret the father of the two boys, beautiful, movie stars, blue eyes called to Chris,” he began. “So, I made my case with a tap in for Chris Evans and I’ve just finished a movie [The Tomorrow War] with Chris Pratt, where they perceive the father in him, so that’s kind of the number two. I’d be happy to, Chris Hemsworth – in no particular order, I want to tell you that you don’t need to go in order of the alphabet,” joked.

All in the early to mid 2000’s he made the role iconic like J. Jonah Jameson, the head of the newspaper where Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) he was working as a freelance photographer in the Spider-Man (2002), and has signed a contract to appear again in a new franchise, from the head of a spider web, with a brief foray into Man-Spider-man-Far from Home (by 2019). It is still not known whether it will reappear in the films of the franchise.

“I don’t know if we would use the word hope,” said Simmons about having no news as to whether or not the third film in the franchise. “When we signed for the first film, have signed a contract to do two sequels as well. That is always one-sided, not always, but in my case it is a unilateral contract where you are committed to doing so, but they are not necessarily committed to the use of his character in the movies. It was great to have the opportunity for these things to evolve, to be one of the leftovers from the previous version”.