Johnny Depp: on The way to the destruction of the Boil


Oestilo of life, edited by his Wife in the last few months, it is a cause you strongly in the court battle he faces in a trial against the ex-wife, and Amber Heard, who accused him of domestic violence.

According to the american magazine ‘the Globe’, he took refuge in alcohol and it seems to be out of control, so that your friends are afraid to even take the risk of his life.

According to the publication, the Wife of 56-year-old, will no longer hide, the excessive consumption of alcohol. “On the evening of the day before a very important event of His continuing to ask you to bring bottles of vodka to his hotel room at three in the morning.”reveals a source close to the actor of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. “During the event, he continued to drink alcohol, a cup of coffee. It was terrible, terrible!”he said.

The same source has revealed to ‘the Globe’, which Depp had to rely on the help of the security guards to be able to maintain themselves in the foot as he would walk the ‘red carpet’. Later on, when you go back to the hotel, he’ll have made something to complain about, the room where I was staying. Finally, once you have managed to calm down and said: “It’s okay, I’m going to destroy it…”

The situation is so serious that friends of the Wife are concerned, that the actor is not going to survive until Christmas, ” says the magazine.

The vices of the past
The behavior of his Wife only served to bolster the testimony of Amber Heard in the court with respect to the use of alcohol or drugs “The relationship of the rider with the reality varies, depending on the interactions with these drugs. As for the paranoia, and the abuse of his rose in the course of our relationship, I grew in my awareness of the abuse of continuous alcohol, and other drugs”he said in a court of law.

In the meantime, the excesses of Depp’s, also meant the end of a relationship with the ballerina and the Russian Polina, Glen, 24, who was dating for about a year.

The story of a love affair that ended in violence
Johnny Depp got married Amber Heard, the 23-year-new,in February 2015. The actress has filed for divorce after 15 months, to be followed by a complaint of domestic violence at the hand of one of the pictures of the bruises shown as evidence of it). The actor, who has always denied the accusations, he was forced to pay close to 6.5 million euros to be Heard, and that it is now in the process of defamation, demanding $ 45 million.