Justin Bieber tells a follower “if you f***” upon her to defend Donald Trump


Justin Bieber endorsing a group of artists who are critical of Donald Trump and to protest against racism in the United States. His position, however, did not please the fan base as a whole. Some of the followers are republicans disappointed with the recent blog posts of music on the other. A woman is the one criticized for encouraging the blacks to continue voting for the democrats. The answer to it? “How about you get the f****?”he wrote the music on the other.

Here’s the dialogue:

(Photo: Instagram)

Below is the translation:

@katt76Yes! Trump 2020! I’m shocked at you, Justin bieber! You have been a christian before anything else. Peace can only come from God. Peace is not something that is lost, it’s all about the law of God to the people. We can only have peace when we confess and fix our sins to God. Peace is a right for all. You can stop using their platform to perpetuate that the black vote in the democrats! You don’t understand! You should go to your Bible and look at what God says about peace.

@http://: How about you if you f***?