Kanye West is a bad boss, according to former security


The bodyguard of a celebrity’s Steve Stanulis, participated this week as a special guest on the podcast, the Hollywood a-Raw data with data analysis expressions (Dax Holt, and Adam, Glyn, and for all the talk about his famous clients, it ended up revealing a side of Kanye West when he worked for the husband of Kim Kardashian.

According to Stanulis, He can be a ‘boss from hell’, but it has also been recognized as a guy that ‘worked’.

In the revealing interview, the ex-police officer from New York city, said that the singer is ” one of your less favorite to work with in the course of time. He also called him “the guy the more needy and ill-tempered’, but he said that the West has been the most difficult person you have worked with, because of their ‘stupid rules’.

“The first day I met him … it would have been at Fashion Week,” he said. “I was supposed to meet him at the studio. When he gets there, we got on the elevator and he said, ‘You’re not going to tighten up on that walk, shall we?’… I was like, ‘I don’t have any idea what floor this is on my first day.’ He then begins to complain: ‘So, you mean to tell me that you didn’t call before hand to find out where I was supposed to go to?’ I said no, and he’s still complaining about it, and a delusion.”, recalls.

“So,” I said, ” Hey, man, we can do this in two ways. First, can you tell me which button to press, and now I’m going to learn. The two of you, you can press the button, and I’m going to see which one you are pressing, that I know of. Or three, you can sit here all day and tell me how much is your time, and we’re not going anywhere’. Once again, this was our first interaction,” said Stanulis saying that He chose to push the button.

During the chat, Steve, you also talked about the ‘rules border on the ridiculous’ by Kanye west. Between them, they ought to be ten steps behind him in the street of the city: “and Then, of course, someone will come in and do something about it, at the moment, I’m trying to zoom in and stop, it would have happened to me.”, justified.

In another part of the interview, As he told of the time that Kanye West has caused a stand-off between him and the security team of an Italian. The incident took place at the Waldorf hotel: “we Were coming back late to the house and the studio [Kanye] I was a little bit drunk. He has not been able to find for your room. Due to the state, Said that when she came into the room was wrong, where was the man, and the security guards, and private security come to mind: “They didn’t know who he was [Kanye]. There was a language barrier. It was like a mexican standoff,” he said.

Steve Stanulis worked with many celebrities, such as Alanis Morissette, Woody Harrelson, as well as the possibility that none of them are as complicated as you Said.

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Problems in a relationship

The quarantine and containment of the social that are wreaking havoc on the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. According to the Sun newspaper, the couple started to have a lot of conflict since he had to be confined at home to avoid the risk of the coronavirus.

A source told the tabloid that the two are trying to be on the opposite side of the house, to prevent conflicts, the greatest in the relationship.

“Kim and Kanye west argue all the time, during this pandemic,” said a source. “Kim, it’s getting crazy, because people are so used to being on the move. It is also a lot of time alone with the kids for her. She is upset with Kanye west and thinks that he’s helping out the responsibilities of the family. They were at opposite ends of the house, in order to keep things civilized,” the source added.

And it may have been because of this, Kim decided to spend a few days in the house, sister Kylie Jenner is getting in the Malibú.

“Kim was super nervous about being away from your family, and especially for not having much to do on her own. She was getting frustrated,” said the insider.