Kim Kardashian has been accused of slimming down her daughter in the picture


Kim O he was once again accused of having altered one of your photos, using an image editing program Photoshop. In the case of an image, perhaps by 2018, in which it is positioned with two of their children, in particular, the North and the Saint.

The star of the reality tv show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians“in view of a section of the people, it has changed the image of his daughter for six years, and in such a way that it got thinner.

Therefore, the comments in this regard arose: “Why is it that it can be used Photoshop in order to let the child more thin?”, he wondered. “That obsession is unhealthy, leave your children in peace,” he added to another follower.

Even though the image is of a holiday in 2018 at the earliest, in the last week, the subject came up up.

The news minute-by-Minute[Imagens que mostram o antes e depois]© Instagram/Kim O

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