Kim Kardashian is being accused of using photoshop on the photo to let her daughter, North West,, the more you lean


This One’s Easy.

The website has been accusing Kim Kardashian of having edited a photo to let in the North West over the lean muscle. Most recently, the business recorded a click is made in 2018, with the child and the Saint West, and it wasn’t until a few netizens noticed that the picture had already been posted before, but no change.

In the account, the Instagram Celeb in the Face of, well-known for showing the well-known use of photoshop, I did a comparison of a couple of clicks of her children, leaving it to the editing noticeable.

In the comments to the publication, a lot of people criticized Kim for saying that she doesn’t deserve one second of attention to it.

“These people don’t deserve a second of our attention,” said one internet user.

“Why would you use photoshop on your own daughter?”, he asked for another.

“That obsession is unhealthy! – Edit your face, body or what ever you want. But to leave their children in peace, that’s sad,” said a third.