Kim Kardashian is criticized for ‘lose’ a daughter, in the photo you edited it


Kim Kardashian are being more and more suspected of having altered one of your photos, using an image editing program to Photoshop. The image that you are giving the talk, it was in the year 2018, in which the socialite appears with two of his sons, the North and the Saint.

The star of the reality tv show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, in the eyes of some followers, he changed the image of the daughter-of-six-years-old, so that it became thinner.

After the posting of the image, and the comments that arose: “Why is it that they didn’t have Photoshop in order to let the children lean?”, he wondered. “That obsession is unhealthy, you leave your children in peace,” he added to another follower.

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