Kim Kardashian’s offer to help a young woman injured in the demonstration


Dafter you have used your social network to prove to have been truly shocked by the death of George Floyd, a citizen of the african american who lost his life at the hands of the police in public O he showed solidarity with one of the girls was injured during the protests against racism, which in recent days has been on-going in the United States of America.

Shocked to see the state that it was in the face of a protester struck by a rubber bullet, the advantage offered to her to pay for her medical expenses.

“It is heart-breaking and so stressful. Does anyone know how I can get in contact get away with it? I would love to helpher with her medical expenses, if she needs me,” said the wife of the He West, in his official account of the Instagram.

The young man that Kim is referring to is called a Shannyn and it was a hit during the protest that took place in the city of Louisville, in Kentucky, and at the last moment.

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