LEAK – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West living apart in the house, and don’t understand each other when it comes to children


Rapper Kanye West and star of the reality tv shows and Kim Kardashian are not able to understand it in isolation as a result of the multi-Covid-19. According to sources close to the couple to US Weekly, the couple is living on opposite sides of the house, and I don’t understand when it comes to children, with the Images to be complaining about the lack of support on the charts.

“Kim feels she is in need of a move away from the West. Are you trying to be a good mother, and to focus on the progress of the law, and to his business, and it makes it hard to do all of this without Said to help you as much as I should,” said the anonymous source. They are the parents of four sons of the North 6 years ago, the Saint-set of 4, Chicago-2, and Ps-1.

In addition, Kardashian will also feel, that allegedly, she got the feeling that the song will try to “impose their view of the world”. “In the West, escape to the office for a break from work, and left it to Kim to take a break, up until last week, when he took some of the kids on a trip to Wyoming,” he says, still such a source.