Leo Days returns to social media after the crap with Anitta and compared to Taylor Swift


Leo's Day
Leo’s Day, he returned to the social networks and revealed the new identity of Image: Playback / Instagram)

After spending four days in silence, Leo’s Day he returned to the social network in the early hours of Sunday (31). The journalist has made an announcement about a new personality, one that would live after the he was involved with Anittaand if you compared it with the Taylor Swift.

“For those who don’t know, the lead singer, Taylor Swift has always been synonymous with controversy, and several times attacked in the media. She’s already been called all kinds of name. Life is all about cycles, and I think that this song is a good representation of my current situation”started it in the subtitle of the publication, which is included with the video for Look What You Made Me Do, Swift.

The columnist also explained that the reason for the wedding in the last few years: “Many of you have asked, because of my absence in the last few days. I’ve been missing, because it had to be reborn”.

“The old Leo, the Days are dead, and I’m sorry if I ended up you, ignoring the last few days. I changed it, and changed it for the better. A new one, Leo, was born, and you’re ready for anything and everything”, it finished the level.

Anitta and Leo, the Days broken up a friendship that grew for years in the last week or so. The events leading up to the end of the relationship simply from the internet. The falling-out happened after the above post with a note which gave account of the mother of the artist was no longer living with her.

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The funkeira do not only have denied the news, and accused the reporter of threats and blackmail. Leo then decided to disclose all of the material is compromised that is said to have for its new foe. The audio is involved, the name of several celebrities, such as Ivete Sangalo, Marina Ruy Barbosa, click on the name of the Mayan Pabllo Vittar, Gominho, Well Todynho and the Black Knight: