‘Make-up of the banana’s’ inspired looks and it has been a huge success on Instagram – Beauty

For the social isolation many of the artists applying it launched a trend on Instagram. The influencer Peace Skyes released make-up of the banana
inspired by the fruit, and on a daily basis. The look was such a success and is being replicated by many different groups of the social networking site.

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In an interview with the web site Allure
Peace , claims that it entered into in isolation, with the desire to innovate in outfits with make-up, the complicated and time-consuming. “I was so worried about being productive, but then I said,” Stop, it’s not about that – it’s about slowing down, becoming more simple, more easily. It’s about looking around you and connecting with nature and one’s self.’ So that was my inspiration: the simple, everyday life
“says make-up artist.

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From the make-up of a banana, a lot of people got inspired and tried to recreate the look. If you want to take a make-up, here is a step-by-step:

  • The peace was used for a pigment, yellow, or cream on the eyelids and
  • try to set
  • really, for all smooth and artificial
  • gel in the kit.

Here’s the make-up, inspired by your Peace.