Mc Lan, revealed the details of his first meeting with Kanye West in Chicago


Mc Lan-shared with us the details of his first meeting with Kanye West in the United States exclusively.

In the last few years of his career to the MC for Lan that has become more and more international. The artist has collaborated with Skrillex, Ty Dolla $ign’s Diplo and more. In addition to meet up with Ja Rule, Tyga, and others. Recently, the Lan is connected to the pop-star Was Eilish, by releasing a remix to the song “everything i wanted”. And Lan, you do not want to slow down the pace any time soon.

Big-name members of the national, local area network, has today announced its first international album. The artist has a lot of partnerships with the “issues” on his resume, but he wants to go even further, and has been getting to get you to your goal. With the unveiling of his new project “Bipolar” is on the way, the Lan has stated that every track on the album, it will have international participation from every continent in the world. The idea for the work came about when the artists were preparing for a drive in the Trap, the National in 2018, and got to know Srkillex by a friend of the ordinary. From that moment on, the creates of the Audience taking the world by storm.

In an exclusive interview to the Portal RAPMAIS, local area network, revealed that his network of international contacts led him to new york to meet with the icon of hip-hop, Kanye West. “I ended up in the US in 2019, and there I met, through some friends, and Ty Dolla $ign, personally, it introduced me to Kanye West and Machine Gun Kelly in Chicago. We went to a disco in private together, I was realizing that the americans had a degree of sympathy for me, because of my image and my music, and after a few conversations, we decided to do something together….”, he said.

His partnership with Ty Dolla $ign’s “Malokera”, turned out to be a hit at Lan’s met more of the artists after the event. “The inside of it and I’ve been making good friends with the mayor and with Dj Tay James, who are co-workers of Justin Bieber, and I was in the studio with Duane The Rock is in IT, I have met people like The Game, Jadakiss, Fat Joe. So he got the whole story behind this record.”

The new album from the Mc, the Lan will be packed with international participation, establishing once and for all named it as one of the leading artists in brazil. In the full interview that we did with the Lan, it will be released later today.