Rolling Stone · Emma Watson is ‘cancelled’ by posting a photo to a Black-Out Tuesday, with the white border


The actress has been criticized for the use of the resource, the aesthetics, and don’t share information that is relevant to the movement-Black Lives Matter

In support of the Black Out, Tuesday, Emma Watsonactress of the In The Harry Potter Series activist, took to the Instagram to publish the photos of the square with the color black. The action aims to raise awareness of and support for the protests antirracistas started after the murder of the George Floyd by a white policeman. However, not all of them liked the detail of the publication of the artist’s work.

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Watson we used the social network to share with you three photos of the square with the color black, all with white borders, appeal to an aesthetic that is used on the profile pictures of the actress. However, the one detail that did not please a lot of users who have started a movement to “cancel it out”.

In spite of being an advocate and using Instagram to talk about gender equality, and to bring to the fore issues relating to the minorities; Watson he was criticized for failing to comment on the move, and use the edges of the white in the pictures, whose goal is to raise awareness of the protest antirracistas.

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In addition to this, the actress has been criticized for adhering to the Black Out Tuesdaythat pre-supposes a “world” in social networks, as a way of raising awareness. Even though the purpose of the action, the activists of the movement Black Lives Matter they say to stay out of the disclosure of the petitions, and protests.

The user in the social network also says that the publication of the photos that you have with the hashtags #TheShowMustBePaused (“The show must stop”, in free translation), #BlackLivesMatter (“the Lives of the Black Matter, in a free translation) and I BlackOutTuesday – does not include information that is relevant and necessary in that it might raise awareness even further about the movement, such as requests and grants.

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A profile in Twitter, he said: “Emma Watson if he nominates an activist while in silence, for five days. In addition to posting three photos of it in white, that don’t mean anything, and now she has put up pictures of the color black, and four of the six that will be that. Post the petitions, the donations, whether it is active. Silence is not an option.

Another user said: “Emma Watson you really put a white frame to blend in with the feed in it… like that.” It also complained about the attitude of her: “Watson take time off of your day-to-edit-a-square to black to blend in with the feed in it, but you did not post a single link for donations, signatures on petitions. It doesn’t fit”.

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Other profiles that are defending the actress from the reviews: “If you Emma Watson haven’t talked to did not want to tell her that she is not an activist. She has done a lot of charity in their lives, to those who need it. You don’t have the right to attack her, and she Tom Felton they have showed that they are amazing, so take a look at the consciousness of you.”