Selena Gomez has a lot of good things to say about the relationship of Justin Bieber and


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Over the years, Selena Gomez has experienced the suffering that so many women live in loving relationships: it has been taken care of by the proper boyfriend, in that case, it was none other than Justin Bieber.

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And just recently, she told me about the time period in which it was famous, and about the lesson I took away from the whole situation. Check out the video below and check out the declarations of Selena Gomez, about her abusive relationship with Justin Bieber:

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: dating abuse

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have taken over the relationship in march of 2011, and have been seen by a lot of a couple the perfect. The singers were always together at the events and are constantly being used to publicly praise and the kind words.

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Selena was only 18 years old when she became involved with Bieber, and now, she admits that she was too young to identify the early warning signs in your relationship. The famous to maintain a relationship than to go back and forth for nearly 4 years until, at the end of the 2014 season, and put an end to the union.


Most recently, Selena Gomez made a series of statements that would confirm something that the vast majority of the public suspected for years: Bieber abused emotionally by the singer. In the end, it is the famous to teach you all that a true love should be.

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It took time for Selena to understand that the arguments, co-dependency, frustration, and passion uncontrolled I had nothing to do with love. On the actions of an abusive partner, she said: “it’s the satisfaction of hurting the other, because, you know, that the other doesn’t matter.”


As the relationship with Bieber, Selena I was very vulnerable and felt insecure about their professional future, their way of life and even your health. All of that will contribute to the manipulation on the part of the world”.


When that Bieber and Selena broke up permanently, she’s been able to figure out that she had never expressed her needs to her boyfriend, because he was afraid of being seen as self-centered, or “bossy”. When asked about the matter, he said: “I think the girls are afraid to be that way, because we’re seen as the crazy, needy, or dramatic”.

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Better to finally realize, with the passing of the years, to be in touch with their own feelings and learn to express them, it is not a sign of weakness. Right now, she is focused on self-awareness and self-love, and you can see the changes when you look at yourself in the mirror.


Selena Gomez teaches you through your own personal experience that it’s never been the one to blame for the abuse they have suffered, but is rather responsible for his or her acquired self-confidence.

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