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Over the last two weeks of the easter season, we read, in the liturgy and in the great dialogue of Jesus with his Apostles on the eve of his passion as recorded by St. John in chapters 13 through 17 of his gospel. All of it has the character of a farewell that brings him to the disciples, yet it is a fragile understanding of the heart of Christ, a look of sadness, of fear, of worry.
In the last week, through the 7th, the sabbath, the Church presents us with texts by the end of the writings of the New Testament, wrapping up the whole of the rite of the paschal, with the last chapter of the johannine gospel, where the Risen Lord speaks to Peter about love, and his followers, and with John on the parusia. It is the first reading of the day presents you with the completion of the literary, of the Acts of the Apostles with the missionary work of Paul, and the same bound in the prison house, in the city of Rome.

However, on the day of Pentecost, everything is, in some sense, on the contrary. The readings speak to us of a new age, happy, happy, victorious, and happy. The fear gives way to courage, a loss of enthusiasm in the heart, a weakness, an inexplicable inner strength. The beautiful light that comes from on high, and the fire of the love of God enters the soul, and a fierce wind to them, it brings relief and stimulates it with her strength. It is the Holy Spirit to them to fill in the market. The doors of the upper room is open to the disciples to go out exulting for joy and proclaim, boldly proclaimed the good news of the Gospel, and the kerygmain the face of the authorities who had condemned the Christ to: the one that leads to life, and you have killed, but God raised him from the dead, and in addition to this we are witnesses. (Acts 3, 15). This is the big announcement of the new times, where the powers of death have lost their power, and win.

He was born on the Church’s missionary activity. It is Mary, the woman who had been with the Lord from the moment of the incarnation, public life, the passion, and now not could it be in the resurrection, and Pentecost. She is well aware of who the Holy Spirit is, because He had taken her for his wife (Cf. Lc 1,35).

We are in the year, to live in the world, a time of concern, care, exceptional, never-before-tried-by-us. The fear and pain of so many losses of lives, and the danger of unexpected contamination will be experienced by all.

However, a new light rises. The hiv pandemic is overdue, and in many parts of the world, it has already taken place in the prison, at least partially, such as in Italy, where the churches are already open, and the rituals, face-to-face has already begun its course, though still with a lot of restrictions.

Also, between you and me, that will happen soon, by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, that we are celebrating. Our hearts ignite, like that of the disciples on the road to Emmaus, and ever rejoice as the Apostles, sealed and still in the upper room, at that time, on Tuesday, on the morning of Pentecost, in anticipation of the exact timing of the mission.

Like them, we have to wait for the time when, in our time, because it is still we are in danger, and the one that can save us is the social isolation of the free frequentíssima of the hands, and alcohol gel, as well as the masks. But the time of grace is already come. We’re waiting for the right moment of joy for all generations. Our eyes are fixed on heaven, and to believe in the new times. For this reason, we say it with conviction: Send your Spirit, o Lord, and renovareis in the face of the Earth.

A Gift For Gil The Metropolitan archbishop of los angeles.

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