Sophie Turner: I mean, the Queen of the North was a “victim” in real short cycle

Sophie Turner is the latest celeb to join the list of girls and stylish that you wore the trend!

Thank you!! The trend of the the shorts of the rider he returned last yearPrincess Diana it was first used in 1995!) and, as with any loucurinha fashion, the first reaction from everyone was the same: “it’s not going to get it”. Caught up with him.

It appeared in versions that are very expensive on the show Alexander Wang, Dion Lee, Fenty, Puma, Off-White, Saint-Laurent, Anthony Vaccarello and, of course, the biggest celebrity on the planet. And the list is growing… Are you sitting down?

For the latter, if you play with this trend (which, recently, we VOWED then and there that he was killed), was none other than the Queen of the North, Sophie Turner. Out for a stroll with her husband Joe Jonasin new york, the Majesty of the Real, had a short, white, Alo Yogathe shirt of the outfit and the shoes Louis Vuitton.

And, apparently, she was the Only Yoga, and I said, “I want this in every color because last Monday (the 19th), which appeared in one version in black:

And it will help you to join this list as well?