Sophie Turner is trying to do, this trend is controversial to happen

She said that this is her look from the “take out the trash in the house,” but, well, it’s already too late…

Sophie Turner

(David Krieger/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images)

To have a she had a short, jeans coordinated with a loose cropped from Brandy Melville and the dressing of the APP. And this is not the first time, it is not.

On another occasion, there was a star in the notorious area of a cyclist, and a t-shirt Harley Davidson and the world-famous show listradinhos of the Adidas:

After the appearance of the artist’s name, the Page Six ran up to tell her that she was “not trying to make this trend happen to you,” and she went to the Twitter to deny:

“Nah, we’re taking out the trash like that for years, and you know it. I’m not trying to make anything happen, in addition to having my feet need to rest”said the actress.

Sincerely, Sophie you’re right, comfort is never too far, don’t you think? But, the celebrities step out of the house, especially if they live in new york or Los Angeles, you know that it’s going to be in the photograph. So, make no mistake about it: each and every piece is chosen carefully curated (and there are even celebrities who have the help of stylists to help with the productions that are used to take out the trash!), especially artists with a contract with a global fashion house – Husband, for example, has a connection very close to the Louis Vuitton.

They may or may not be trying to make this trend happen again and just look to take out the trash, but the “damage” has been done to these photos they are around the world, are going to fall in with the crowd, and, in short, a lot of people are going to look like – whether it’s to take out the trash, whether it is to go on a fancy party.