Spider-man: The Return Home


During the interview with Net-a-Porter Laura Harrier he told an interesting story of the behind the scenes of “theSpider-man: The Return Home“. Initially, she had thought that she had lost her paper Zendaya.

“When I did my test for ‘Spider-Man’, and before you hear the sound of the studio, and came out with the news that Zendaya had been added to the list. So, I thought that I had not been able to work. So I called my manager, and he assured me that I was still being considered.”

He said.

“The Marvel universe has brought the two of us in the movie, it was really incredible. The fun is in the shooting, was too much. We are great friends now, and I’m very proud of it.”

The Harrier played Liz Toomes, she was the daughter of the villain, the Vulture, while Zendaya has been chosen as a M. J.

“Spider-man: Back In the nursing Home,” was the direction of the Jon Wattsand has raised US$ 880 million at the around the world. The squad also brought in Tom Holland, Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey, Jr. and Michael Keaton.