Taylor Swift in the country: the sale of tickets for the show extra in it starts this Friday | Music


Tickets for the show extra in Taylor Swift’s, in São Paulo, began to be sold by this Friday (the 1st), beginning at 00: 01 am. The presentation will take place on the 19th of July 2020, at the Allianz Parque in São Paulo.

The united states also sings on the same stage, on the 18th of July, but the tickets are all sold out.

The tour of the album “Lover”, to be released in August, Taylor will want to come to some of the places where I’ve never been to before and playing in the mountains”.

In fact, Brazil was not on the route of the singer, who was here for a pocket show com Paula Fernandes-in the year 2012.

Tickets range from$ 150 to$ 850 and can be purchased through the web site Tickets for Fun, or for in Unimed’s Hall, formerly the Credicard Hall.

Taylor Swift releases 'Lover', the 7th album in the career of the singer

Taylor Swift releases ‘Lover’, the 7th album in the career of the singer

  • When: On July 18, 2020 (sat.) – Tickets are sold out
  • Gig extra: July 19, 2020 (sun)
  • Where toAllianz-Park – Street-Turiassú, 1840, And Birds
  • The opening of the gates: 16 pm
  • The time of the show: 21
  • Top chair: $ 150 (student) –$ 300 (full)
  • The track: Us$ 225 (student) – £ 450 (full)
  • The chair-bottom: $ 250 (half) – $ 500 (full)
  • Pista premium R – $ 425 (half) and R$ 850 (full)

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