The actor from The Batman praises the screenplay written by Matt Reeves: “the mighty”

Paul Dano
Paul Dano (Disclosure Of Information)

Paul dano, a member of the cast of the film The Batman also, it decided to manifest itself with respect to the feature, written and directed by Matt Reeves, saying that the script is amazing. The actor has been chosen to live in one of the villains, the Riddler, who is on the side of Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell, who also shared the info about the movie in the past couple of weeks.

While talking to Rodrigo Perez at the Playlist, he also spoke briefly about the battle, which has Robert Pattinson as the main character. “While I was filming. I flew back to the house to visit the baby, and then I was not able to fly out of the back [para definir, por causa do coronavírus]that is really a strange thing”.

“I feel very good about it. I think that Matt Reeves is the real deal. I was really surprised at the route of it, I think it is potentially a very powerful one. We hope to be back soon to do this? I’m not sure,” he said.

“There’s a bit of fun on my character, and all of the other characters. This is the kind of film we’re desperate to share it on the big screen. So, I hope that all of us know that [situação do coronavírus] and, let’s be excited to see a Batman movie. It’s going to be worth it. It will be very nice.”

In the comment, the Damage has been vacant as those of his colleagues, but Serkis, for example, has stated that the tone of the film is extremely dark, and it ended up being used by the eco to the comments of the Scene. in an interview with the program Jimmy Kimmel, where he talked about the development of the film and his character, the Penguin.

“I’m talking with Matt Reeves, who is the director, who wrote the screenplay, which is a really nice, somber, and beautiful. It is one thing for which he or she has a true love. So, we are in the process of finishing the project in relation to the aesthetics of the character,” he said in an interview that aired in January of this year.