The director talks about the rumours about a scene with full frontal nudity of Ewan McGregor on Birds of Prey

Roman Sionis (Ewan McGregor), and tim (Chris Messina), in the Birds of Prey (Playback)
Roman Sionis (Ewan McGregor), and tim (Chris Messina), in the Birds of Prey (Playback)

The director of the The birds-of-PreyCathy Yan has been the public to put an end to the rumors that you were talking about the possible scene of nudity and explicit sex, the character in the movie, Roman Sionis, played by Ewan McGregor. The movie was harley quinn (Margot Robbie) in the lead role as the star of the most recent in the universe as extended from the DC in the theaters, it showed the consequences of breaking up with the Joker (Jared Leto).

The film introduced the audience to the Bird-of-Prey, Hunter (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), Robin Black (Jurnee captain smollett-Bell), and the College Montorya (Rosie Perez), acting against the villain Black Mask (Roman Sionis), the owner of a night club in Gotham City. The film doesn’t specify anything about the sexuality of it, despite giving evidence that he had an affair with his henchman, Victor Zsasz (Chris Messina).

In the confusion, however, arose in David Ayer has released a tweet about the refilmagens of some of the scenes in the Squad and confidence. He said that some of the scenes were re-done, because the tone was too dark, something that he had been inspired by the trilogy of Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan, but he lamented the fact that the moments between the Joker and harley quinn have been lost.

In that, Cathy’s Hand, he replied: “I am very sorry that this has happened to you, David. I know your pain.” Then, the news reporter, Grace Randolph, has said that the film’s Bird-of-Prey: harley quinn, and her Emancipation is Fantabulosa, and attended by many of the refilmagens for the sake of the film’s scenes involving the diamond, and that is the reason for the main contention of the longer one.

According to the professional lore of the original in the long term, the sought-after diamond, it contained a usb flash drive with full-nudes on the front of the character that I wanted to get him back for this very reason, because he doesn’t want to reveal to the world that he was gay. So, a tier I event, has responded to the tweet from a journalist saying, “excuse me, I have no idea what you are talking about. It’s very fascinating, that you are trying when you are not a part of the process.”

There was continued arguing, and he stated often that the workers in your area that are not a part of the process, but she didn’t invent anything, he just passed on something of what was being said on the forums and other sites, and he had come to do a positive review on the film. “And thank you for your support, but let us tell you: there’s never been pictures of a penis. Are you selling a story of child abuse is not news. Travel gossip is not journalism. Yeah, I know. I went to one,” said the director.

She went on Twitter afterwards to explain that these “images of penis” that people were talking about had to do with the central character, but the original script called for the villain, he had a statue of her is equal to the David, by Michelangelo. “It was a joke to show how he is a narcissist. Did not work for you – we are all agreed on that – then we’ve rewritten some of the details. That’s it. No remake has been devoted to this problem, no way,” he concluded.