The fan turns the ‘Stars’ in the film; Check out the awesome trailer!

It has been more than one year from the date ‘The Avengers: Ultimatum’ it has become the largest film event in history, and, even then, before the fans continue to pay tribute to the final chapter in the Saga of the Endless.

Right now, the YouTube FullBelly Edits released a fan trailer the ‘The avengers’ the incredible, transforming the narrative into a horror movie.

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Recently, a theory, a fan has explained the reason for the warrior Drax (Dave Bautista) to believe that you can become invisible, as shown in ‘The Avengers: Infinite War’.

The hypothesis that has been posted on the forum Reddit and, according to her, the race of the character is not able to see living things that do not move – which justifies the “stealth”.

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“I don’t think that he thinks that things that don’t move or move very slowly, are essentially invisible. In the same way that the sight of Tyrannosaurus Rex is described. What he doesn’t realize, however, that other species do not have the same view. So, when you try to do that are these invisible in the movie the Avengers, and he can’t understand why it is a nonsense to each other. He is convinced of a reality that simply is not the same as the othershe wrote the fan.

Recently, it Was revealed to the what if he felt insecure in interpreting the character, because it does not consider a person funny.

After that, the director of the James Gunn I learned in the interview, he made it a point to say that the humor of Drax, won the audience due to the talent of the Was in portraying the character honestly.

In its profile of Twitter, the director wrote the following:

“Drax is not funny at all, because Dave Bautista it is ‘being funny’ – Drax is funny, because Dave plays the character with honesty, skill, and heart. For a more exaggerated, that Drax may seem, at times, the performance of the Dave it allows us to love him and laugh with him.”

Was he shared the message of the While and you thanked them with an emoji of a heart.

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Remembering that Was it will reprise the role in ‘theGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3‘.

A few months ago Karen Gillan, author of the Nebula, ” said the Yahoo! Entertainment it While we have already finished writing the script for the third installment, and the plot is amazing.

“I can tell you that I have read it, and it’s amazing. We are all excited that James is back to complete the trilogy, because it wouldn’t be right without it. It’s a wonderful script, wonderful.”

During the panel, the At Comic-Con in Paris, the Left also, he commented that he would love the new movie, to explore better the relationship between Nebula and Gamora, especially now that Thanos has been defeated.

“I’d love to see how the relationship between them now that his father is the source of the abuse is no longer present. I think it would be very interesting to see if they are able to form a normal connection of the sisters, that they love one another.”

It is worth noting that the director is proved to the The Comic Book which of the following will be the last night of a Rocket on the big screen.

In addition, he is the only member of the Guardians, who have not yet died in some other way. Groot sacrificed himself for the team, Gamora was killed by Thanos, and the other members of ‘died’ at the snap of a finger the bad guy.

Either way, there’s still plenty of time for planning, given that the film is not slated for the next phase of the With Marvel Studios.