The luxury brands have shops looted in the protests in the us against racism


In the final race of the weekend, the streets of the United States has been the stage for demonstrations antirracistas. While the World Health Organization (WHO) also recommended the separation of social necropolítica is not for you. In some cities, such as Los Angeles, one of the acts that took to some extreme, and some of the stores that were depredadas, and even spoiled.

The Card Arrived
A brand of high jewelry, Cartier took the plate from the inlet pichada

Shop For Chanel
Shop for Chanel in Los Angeles has also been hit

Shop, Laperla
The brand name of the Italian La Perla has received a phrase, “The revolution is coming!” (in free translation)

Shop MCM
Showcase of the MCM has been tagged with the phrase, attacking the policy of the american

The protests have begun to take shape after the assassination of the former security of the negro, George London. He was asphyxiated to death by a white policeman. The offense led the protesters to march against the racism and brutality of law enforcement. While thousands of americans have joined the actions in the past few weeks, the movement of Black Lives Matter has become a global one. In new Zealand, Berlin, paris, Dublin, London and Amsterdam are seen on the streets, they are taken on outings.

In Los Angeles, california, was no different. The street of Rodeo Drive, is famous for bringing together all the main shops, high-end designer labels, luxury in the city of Mexico. There, the buildings and business were raided on the Sunday (31/05), so by the demonstrators calling for justice in the case of George’s Career.

Pictures and videos of the establishments and being overwhelmed began to circulate on social media. The shop windows were broken and shops looted. In part, the facades of the landmarks were pichadas, recording the words of condemnation of the government and against the police in the united states. “To make America pay for its crimes against black people” was one of them.

A boutique of Marc Jacobs, was one of the targets that have attracted attention on the internet. The brand name has been crossed out on the board in the entrance of the store, and the names of Sandra Bland, and George, the Band has been written with a black pen. Bland was another victim of the black in 2015, and his body was found with signs of hanging at a prison in Texas.

Other brands also suffered, such as Hermés, Alexander McQueen, Fendi, Chanel, and Gucci. The impact of the protests in the media, and generated a reflection on the fashion industry. Some of the brands that have been the subject of a protest is to take.

Among the names of the designer Marc Jacobs, it’s one of those creative directors who have declared in favor of the motion. The other change is the tag sports the Nike, which stood up against racism, in support of the demonstrations and lobbying for the placement of the audience.

Shop Hermes
The street of Rodeo Drive are concentrated in the major luxury brands and restaurants in the Los Angeles area

The store of the designer Alexander McQueen has been sacked

Shop Fendi
Fendi has arrived to install fences of wood, at the entrance of the store, but it did not escape the graffiti

The Louis Vuitton handbag has been one of the shops affected by it, but as long as the physical acts, gaining strength, and the label that the French were investing in the promotion of a new handbag, the LV-Pont-9. After being down by a legion of fans, made up of the 38.2 million followers on the Instagram, the brand shared a video of a black man riding a horse in the social network, labeled by the words: “to Make a change. #BlackLivesMatter”.

Media outlets are also supporting the protests.“We must fight back against racism, and we must do it together. Fashion has a responsibility and the power to form an opinion. I appeal to you for fashion brands and publications to stand up, it’s the current way to make a real change. We the people of the black part of the infrastructure of the fashion industry. They need opportunities,” he said to the stylist, and the editor-in-chief of men’s Vogue, the English, by Edward Enninful, on the site of the magazine.

Understand the nature of the case,

George, Floyd was killed by a white policeman during an approach, on the 25th of may, in the United States. The cause of the death of the former security that the negro was choking. The brutality of the murder has triggered protests in antirracistas all over the world. The acts that take to the streets, in the midst of the pandemic, calling for justice for the violence against the black population in a number of countries.

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