The stylist apologized for the remark on the protests in the us


Virgil Ablohstylist , the collection of men’s clothing in the Louis Vuitton the founder of the brand, clothing, streetwear, Off-White, has apologized after being criticized by the rebuke and serves members in the united states.

Designer Virgil Abloh Paris 16/01/2020 REUTERS/Charles Platiau

Designer Virgil Abloh Paris 16/01/2020 REUTERS/Charles Platiau

Photo: Reuters)

Ablohthe designer black of the most prominent in fashion, as I said in a post on Instagram on Monday night that he supports an “all moves to eliminate racism and police violence”.

“I’m a black man. On a trip to normal at the grocery store ChicagoI fear to die. Any interaction with the police, it can be life-threatening for me,” he said.

Ablohfor 39-year-old had just been attacked on social networking sites to criticize the looting of the stores in the Chicago and Los Angeles in the midst of the protests over the death of a George Floyd.

In a blog post after a shop owned by a fellow designer for the streetwear could be damaged Abloh he wrote: “It makes me feel sick”.

Abloh it also came under fire for donating $ 50 to an organization that will help with the legal fees of the protesters, their creations can cost up to several hundred dollars or more.

“Yesterday, I talked about my shopping, and friends, have been sacked. I’m so sorry because it seems that my concern about these stores outweighs my concern is our right to protest against injustice and express our anger and outrage at this point,” he said on Monday.

He said that their contributions to the causes that are related to the motion of protest that amounted to 20.500 us dollars.

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