This is a photo of Selena Gomez bald spot left on the internet is freaking out


Last Tuesday, the 19th, on the internet, he was asked if the Selena Gomez he had shaved his head once for a photo make your promo go viral. Does this really happen?

A fan of the singer used Twitter to post a picture of your wife “Rare” with a shaved head, and the other showing off the hair to the ground, as if she had to make a change. The one that has left everyone puzzled is that she said that she and Selena had shared in the Storiesand , of course, that a lot of people have not had a question – because, after all, the singer looked gorgeous in the same way.

The tweet viralizou so much so that more than 60,000 people favoritaram believing it to be true. But a few hours later, on the same account, he remarked that it was a hoax, and that the Affections he had not shaved his head, and even showed the picture of the original.

Selena wasn’t the first person who has been the victim of such a prank. A fan of the Harry Styles he shared Stories of a young boy very similar to a singer recently, but this one is missing, the one that did it for the fans, for the owner “Love You” surtarem.