Travis Scott is positioning itself in a powerful statement on the death of George the Band


Travis Scott has opened up about the death of George’s Career, and the need for reform of the police force in the us

Travis Scott, released a long statement on the death of George the Band, and the protests that followed, in all of the United Kingdom, and even around the world. The rapper has sent his statement to Instagram, calling for a reform of the police, and speaking out about the brutality of the police.

“As long as I walk, thinking, trying to find something to ease the pain,” he started it. “There are almost no words that I can think of to express it properly, or that I may be able to use in order to suppress this feeling, somewhat of a lost continually for our brothers and sisters and the brutality at the hands of the government or of any other person, with intent unhealthy to our well-being.”

“The anger you are feeling is a direct, personal experience, and the constant ache of wanting our voices to be heard,” she said to Him.. “in order To be seen as equal and human as well. We’ve got to change, and a reform of the political police, in our cities and towns in the country, and there needs to be accountability right away! Especially if the cops are abusive of their power, to the point of taking on a life of thoughtless”.

“My heart is with the family of George’s Career, and all those who have suffered a loss on the basis of this kind of injustice, and senseless brutality,” he said. “As for me and the team, we will do everything we can to make sure that these issues will be addressed in the long term. Thank you Bun for me this morning, and it will help me to discover the ways in which I can truly help you to move forward. Love. See you all soon!”

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