Viviane Araujo takes on sun with a cloth, and designs that are worth two billion and 700 in real

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Viviane Araújo is using the quarantine is caused by a pandemic of a new coronavirus. On Saturday, the 30th, the artist has shown in his Stories in the Instagram that is her day, and was very excited about this.

The actress appeared in her yard in a bikini and sunglasses, lying on a towel, and showing that you are keeping your tan in the day. The one that caught our attention was that the towel takes up the monogram brand, Louis Vuitton.

Looking at the official website of the brand, the item will be sold for two-thousand-780 real.

The rich, isn’t he?

Later on, However, you are going to the social with her boyfriend, William Militão, also filmed what he was doing in a bbq and enjoy the music of the samba school Academics of the Willow tree.