Well-known protests, the actor, arrested, and bail for the demonstrators and see the actions

The murder of George Floyd, a black man of 46 years old, shot dead by a white policeman, on the 25th day of may, in the city of Minneapolis has motivated numerous protests in the United States. And the famous are using their visibility to raise and levy the governing body. There was even anyone who has been arrested, and those who have helped to pay for bail for the protesters.

On the streets

Singer Ariana Grande took to the streets, and was spotted by a fan with a poster that says “the Lives of black matter. Lauren Jauregui, the former Fifith Harmony, they also reported on their social networking presence on the streets with friends during a sit-in. Michael B. Jordan, star of “the black Panther”, has been praised for staying on the front-line in the hand of many protesters.

There are also records with singer Tinashe, and Halsey, actor Pedro Pascal, from the series “Narcos,” and the rapper J. Cole is calling for an end to police violence. Paris Jackson has also used social media to share photos of the protest in which it was not. All the celebrities were at a protest and wearing masks.

Michael B Jordan
Michael B Jordan

Lauren Jauregui
Lauren Jauregui

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson Photo: Playback/Instagram


Cole Sprouse (of “Riverdale,” and the gêmeros “Zack and Cody”), and said on Instagram that he was arrested after taking part in the protest in Santa Monica, California. “We were given the option to leave and made it clear that if you don’t recuássemos, we would have been arrested. Even when many of them turned to leave, to find another line of officers blocking the way, and then they began to handcuff with the seals,” she said. The actor also said that you don’t want to use the text as a way to steal the spotlight from the fight. “This is, and always will be, the moment you get close to the other as the situation gets worse, to show off the support, and the right thing to do. This is the time to contemplate what it means to be an ally. I hope that others in my position will do the same thing.”

Cole Sprouse
Cole Sprouse-Photo: Reproduction

The payment of the bonds

Singers like Katy Perry, Harry-Styles-and-The-Weeknd-are donating money to help pay for the bail of the manisfestantes arrested during the protests.

“I am privileged, every day, because I’m white. Not to be racist, it is not enough, we must be anti-racist. Social change is enacted when a company moves. I’m sorry for all that you say. I am donating to help pay for the security of the organizers of the inmates,” wrote the former member of the One Direction.

“I’ve spent the last few days, watching, listening to, and reflecting on how to use my privilege and platform. I hope that the BlackoutTuesday let us know what you all (especially the music industry) as an opportunity to take advantage of what we have learnt and put it into action every day, in the future,” said Perry, who is pregnant with her first child. The singer showed his followers in a variety of projects that deserve support.

“Please Continue to support our brothers and sisters are out there risking it all for a push for real changes in our lives as black women,” said The Weeknd.

The Weeknd
The Weeknd Photo: A Precisely Track Both/Instagram

Harry (Photo: Playback/Instagram