Brad Pitt brings the kids up after reconciling with the first born

Brad Pitt gave a birthday party last Wednesday evening, the 27th, to celebrate the 14 years of their daughter Shiloh. The actor took the time to gather together your children, as a result of marriage to Angelina Jolie: the twins, Knox and Vivienne, 11, Zahara, 15, Pax, 16, and Maddox, 18, who has reconciled with his father recently.

According to the british newspaper The Suna source said that, “Brad wanted to make it on the day of Shiloh’s special, and I planned the party for a while”. Pitt has a pizza oven in his parents ‘ house in Los Angeles, california, in the United States, and it made the dish a favorite of the young person prior to the cutting of the cake.

The celebration took place in a time of peace, from the Interview with the family, since he had already solved its problems of child custody with his ex, Angelina Jolie. I wasn’t told the size of the event, and even if there was a clustering of the invitees in the midst of a pandemic of a new coronavirus.

Actor Brad Pitt

Actor Brad Pitt

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According to the The Sunthe actor took a camera-photo-vintage-for-the-girl-and created a book with all the pictures you have taken, for she is in the last few years. In 2018, he has built an amusement park at home, the parents of six children, complete with slides, inflatable, tree house, skate park, and a swimming pool with a variety of toys.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up at the end of 2016.

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